In 64 percent of the AMBER Alerts, the missing child was found thanks to tips that came in on the AMBER Alert. This makes AMBER Alert the most successful citizen participation initiative in the Netherlands.

However, 64 percent is still not enough. We HAVE to increase this number. And with your help we can:


AMBER Alert Nederland is a joint initiative of Netpresenter and the Dutch police.

  • Politie » PolitieOn 1 January 2013, the Dutch police forces will merge into one single national police force, with 63,000 employees. The national police will comprise of 10 regional units, a national unit that deals with national issues and specialized police matters and the Police Server Center.

    The National Bureau for Missing Persons (LBVP), part of the National police unit, is responsible for the content of the AMBER Alerts. They have set strict Amber Alert criteria.
  • Netpresenter » NetpresenterNetpresenter is a socially aware enterprise that offers innovative communications software. The company has developed the AMBER Alert platform in collaboration with the Dutch police and offered it to the Dutch government free of charge in 2008 and has been responsible for further developing and innovating the system since then.

    Communications specialist Netpresenter helps thousands of organizations around the world to effectively communicate their message to their employees and clients or to instantly alert everybody in case of a disaster. With the support of the Dutch Ministries of the Interior, Security & Justice, Defence and Economic Affairs, Netpresenter is currently innovating the public crisis and tracing communications process.

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